Maria Georgina Galván

Small but tough

A tough woman

Maria Galván my mom 45 year old that spends most of her time cleaning the kitchen and whatching novels in the T.V. A very wonderful person and wonderful mother. She can be loving most of the time but not always my sister and I cause her to get angry most of the time.Even though she can be strict on us I am still proud and thankful that she is my mother.

The lesson she learned

Learning is the goal in life

My mother went through a lot of things one was her education when she was a 18 year old.When she was 18 my mom decided to drop out off school because she had to work to help her family.what she learned that learning helps you be someone in life now she just stays at home and cleans because she doesn't have a job.

Alison Avalos

Block 1-2