By: Elaine & Megan

Steps of Naturalization

1) sign a statement saying that you want to be an American citizen. ( Statement is filed with the USCIS)

2) They have to live in the US for at least 5 years, if married only 3 years.

3) They take classes to prepare for citizenship

4) Have to live in a state for at least 3 months if they are 18 or older and must be living the state that they seek naturalization.

5) Interview with USCIS officials.

6) Must take an exam about basic facts about the US

*If everything works out they have a ceremony and pledge of Allegiance.*

Loss of Citizenship

Aliens can loose citizenship in 3 ways:

1) Denaturalization: Fraud or deception during the naturalization process.

2) Expatriation: if you become a citizen of another country or if you leave the country that you are trying to get citizenship in. Involuntary can occur in a case of a child who's parents become a citizen in another country.

3) Being convicted of certain crimes: Crimes include treason, participation in a rebellion, and attempts to overthrow the government in violent means.

Difference between illegal and legal aliens

Illegal aliens are immigrants that were refused permisssion to immigrate. Others didn't even apply for permission because they feared a long, slow process or being turned down. Illegal aliens can also be foreigners who have stayed in the United States after their legal permits expired. A legal alien on the other hand are aliens who have entered the United States legally. They can hold jobs, own property, attend public schools, and receive other government services. However they aren't allowed to have full political rights. They may not vote in elections or run for office.