Tech for Good

Rock 'n Renew Tech Hub

Every Other Wednesday

Every other Wednesday Rock 'n Renew will host a tech for good drop in session at our Bayonne Ecology Center. There will be two sessions, one for local high school students, and one for young creative minds looking for a place to turn their ideas into a reality. We are creating space for a small fee that can be paid via grant scholarship for like minded individuals to network and create tech for good. We will have a 3D printer on site for your use.

Tech For Good

Wednesday, May 29th, 3:30-8pm

12 W 22nd St

Bayonne, NJ

3:30pm-5:00pm: Drop in after school program for high school students

5:00pm-8:00pm: Centralized tech hub for young professionals

Rock 'n Renew Foundation

Rock ‘n Renew is a non-profit focused on delivering the most effective environmental education possible to students of all ages through partnerships with some of today’s most important musicians. Rock ‘n Renew works to connect students’ curriculum to many local community projects in an effort to restore local food systems and ecosystems. We are now working to incorporate technological solutions to environmental issues.