Ferdinand Magellan

By Victoria S

His Exciting Trip!

Do you know why Ferdinand Magellan's famous voyage was so important? Well, his voyage was so important because one of his ships had circumnavigated the whole world. But, sadly before that had happened he had died in Cebu, Philippines in a battle. Another reason, is that he had discovered the Pacific Ocean.

The day!

Ferdinand Magellan had set sail on September 1519 to find a new route to Eastern Asia ( the Spice Island.) He had also sailed to Brazil and the cost of South America from the route to eastern Asia. The ships were called the Trinidad, Santiago, the Victoria, the Concepcion, and San Antonio. He had made it half way across the world to the Philippines and sadly he died in a battle there.
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Success? Or not Success?

I think that Ferdinand Magellan's voyage was a success. I think this because he had circumnavigated the globe. Well he had sail halfway around the globe because he died in a battle in the Philippines his crew made it back to Portugal to complete the expedition. Some people might think that his voyage was not a success because he had only completed half way and his crew made it back. I disagree because I think that he should still get credit for completing half way around the globe and that his crew completed the rest.
Ferdinand Magellan