Nelson Mandela

July 18th, 1918-December 5th, 2013


Lawyer, anti-apartheid activist, ANC member, SACP member, MK Commander in Chief, 1956 Treason Trialist, Robben Island prisoner, first elected President of a democratic South Africa.


  • In 1944, joined the ANC
  • Participated in Boycotts, Protests, Civil Disobedience
  • In 1948 NP Government was elected to government
  • In 1952 participated in a defiance campaign, and 1955 Congress of the People
  • Served as a lawyer for mistreated black South Africans
  • In 1956, Mandela and 150 protesters were arrested, charged with treason
  • In 1961, They were acquitted
  • Became Co-founder/Leader of Spear of the Nation
  • In 1962, arrested for a strike he organized sentenced to 5 years
  • 1962-1990 spent in prison, was sentenced to death penalty
  • 1982, received a Bachelor of Law degree (while in prison)
  • In 1990, released from prison after new President was in Power
  • in 1991, Population Registration Act was repealed
  • In 1994, the country held it's first democratic election
  • In 1994, Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa
  • In 1999, Mandela retired from active politics
  • In 2007, Mandela Joined The Elders

Legal Issues Nelson Mandela Believed Needed Changing

Nelson Mandela focused on dismantling the legacy of the Apartheid which was institutionalized by the National Party of South Africa that was elected in 1948 and in power till 1994. Mandela's goal was to tackle racial segregation enforced by the NP

Actions that he took

- Joined the ANC to help form the youth

- Rallies and Speeches

- Opened South Africa's first black law practice in Johannesburg with Oliver Tambo

- When released, Nelson Mandela and President Frederick De Klerk in 1993, signed a new South African Constitution, changing and making a difference from the 300+ years of political domination of white minority


- ending of Apartheid was finalized after his release from prison

- Respected man around the world, inspired by his courage

- Mandela was an object of peace for the South African nation

- 1993- Nobel peace prize

- Presidential Medal of Freedom

- If the actions that Nelson Mandela took didn't occur, peace would'nt have came to South Africa

-New Constitution that symbolized the official end of Apartheid and was there to prepare South Africa for a new multicultural democracy

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Nelson Mandela wrote an autobiography about the events and accomplishes that occurred in his life. It was called "Long Walk to Freedom: The Autography of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela's Lasting Effect on the Law

Pro bono and legal-aid services.

Civil Rights legal organizations

disbanding of the NP governing party of South Africa in 2005.

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