Move Your Feet

If We Are Dancing , We Are Working ! & We Are Hard Workers


Got The Moves? Come On With it. And If You Don't, Its NEVER To Late To Learn. So Join Anyway. We Will Absolutely Serve You With Food & Will Provide Buses To Come Get You If You Lack Transportation. THIS EVENT IS FOR ANYONE FROM THE AGE 6-18. Please Do NOT Miss Out. My Crew and I Has Really Enjoyed Teaching Young Dancers. We Have Beginning Classes & Upper Groups For Those Of You Who Are Not New. There Will Be Out of Town Trips, Depending On How Good You Work. We Will Not Except Failing Students. If You or Your Child is Failing, They Will Be Unable To Attend Classes.

We Have All Different Varities of Dancing. If There is Anything Specific You Want To Suggest, Call Me At This Number (913) 555-5555 ( Ms. Golden or Keke )

We Have ALOT Of Fun Here. Its Just Like Family! This is a Drama Free Club!

Movers Club

Saturday, Sep. 14th 2013 at 12:45pm

2214 N 59 Terrace

Kansas City, KS

F L Schlagle High School

First Week

Saturday: Parents and There Children Will Need To Feel out Enrollment Forms

Monday: Schedules Will Be Handed Out & Children Will Be Put Into First Class For The Whole Day For Instructions and Going Over Rules And Regulations

Tuesday: Introducing Games , Fun Activities

Thursday: We Will Start Learning All DIfferent Types Of Dances And Where They Come From

Friday: We Will Have Children Pick Which Type of Dance That Would Like To Participate In.