Poems By A Teen

Five poems


The trickling fall, tall mighty chilling and ocean light blue, now a statue.

Free verse: The way the snow falls, silently and quiet. The way the waves crash and knock against the rocks, smack and crunch. Both so different in sounds and site, but they are so alike in beauty and wonder.


There once was a crab, who for a living drove a cab. People would scream and shout, and he knew they were yelling at him without a doubt. For he would forget to lock the door, and threw them out at the shore.


He loved her so dearly, she did too.

Each other's heart made for them

Love died when he found another,

Love screamed in pain as it faded.

Others say it was because of the wife.

Repeat a word:

She has lived in the woods, he had lived in the city. They both have lived with a pet, they both lived a long life. They both have live a full life, long and well lived, now the story is over, and I have to say they hadn't lived forever.