#C6edtech Resources

Week of 11.9.15

Welcome to another edition of the #C6edtech Resources blog. This week's post discusses file storage on district computers, an awesome new tool for Google Classroom users, and a new way for elementary students to quickly access the websites they need without having to sign in to a Chromebook!

File Storage Best Practices

Staff members are often unsure what file storage options they have and when to use the T:, S:, Z:, and Google Drives for file storage. This infographic explains all of the district's file storage options and shares some best practices for saving important files.
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Click here for a full-size version of the infographic above.

Google of the Week

Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

Google has now made it easier than ever to create assignments in Google Classroom and push websites directly to students' Chromebooks and computers. The Share to Classroom Chrome extension was recently released for both teachers and students and has been added to all Fox teacher and student Google accounts. Teachers can use the extension to create an assignment in Google Classroom or to open up a web page on all student devices. Watch the video below to see how Share to Classroom works.
Share to Classroom Extension

Quick Chromebook Access for Early Elementary Students

Many 1st - 3rd Grade teachers have been asking for a quick way for their students to access the websites they use most often on a Chromebook without having to use instructional time to sign in to the Chromebook. To help with this, we have created a Fox C-6 Kiosk on all Chromebooks that, when used, will take students directly to a start page with links to the most commonly accessed websites for that grade level.

To access the Fox C-6 Kiosk, click APPS at the bottom of the Chromebook's login screen, and then click FOX C-6 KIOSK. When students are finished with Kiosk mode, simply hold down the Chromebook's power button for 3 seconds to power down the device.