January Scoop

News from Room 5

Focus Areas for this Month

•Language Arts: We are now into Unit 3 and the theme is community heroes. We are spending a lot more time on "reading with a purpose". It means reading closely in order to interpret messages, make inferences or simply state the main idea. This week we will be applying the skill of cause and effect. Students act as reading detectives to find clues to demonstrate their knowledge and prove their point. Another comprehension skill that will be introduced is drawing conclusions. As you child sits to read, you can practice those skills. Remember, the home/school connection page on the homework does provide some information about the skill.

•Math: This month we will finish off with the double digit regrouping in subtraction, and 3 digit subtraction will be introduced. During math wheel, your child is taught by a teacher on our second grade team depending on his/her skill level. This way students are challenged and students who need extra support and practice receive the attention they need. We have been practicing time and money even though they have not been units introduced formally. These are the areas to practice when supporting time and money at home:

Money: values of coins, sums of coins, several ways to show a value (i.e. 3 ways to show $1.25)

Time: time to the hour, 1/2 hour, 1/4 hour ; half past, quarter to, quarter past intervals, elapsed time (i.e. it's 10:30 am, lunch will be served in 2 hours, what time is lunch?)

You might want to try out "Math Playground" . It's a website that covers many skill areas based on the new common core. You can only do a few lessons before you have to pay, but remember that "First in Math" and "Compass Learning" are provided by our school. I have also up-dated your child's folders in Compass Learning. It is recommended that students spend 20 minutes daily on Compass Learning in order for it to be beneficial.

Also, students brought home math facts practice pages to review at home. The transparency is intended for students to write on with a dry-erase marker or Vis-a-vis markers. Students are expected to complete 36 problems correctly on a page within 3 minutes. Once this has been mastered, they can move on to the next page. Your child can show you how to do this.

•Writing Development: We will be practicing expository writing in preparation for the winter district journal prompt. Students will continue to practice the components of a well developed paragraph (Topic Sentence, 3 supporting details, concluding sentence).

•Science: Our science topic this month is Force and Motion. Science Discovery Day will be on Friday, Jan. 18th. It will be a day filled with science activities!

•Cooking/Gardening: Students will now be having their cooking experience every Tuesday instead of Thursdays, but we will continue with Gardening on Thursday afternoons with Mr. and Mrs. Phillips. This month students will be baking up snowballs!

January Flurries

Speeches, Up-coming Dates, Wish List

Speech Topics

· Week of January 7: Goals. We set goals at the beginning of the school year and hung them in the classroom (goals about reading, math, writing, etc.). Remind us of your goal and what you are doing to achieve it. If you want to share an additional goal, let us know what is it and how you will work toward it.

· Week of January 14: Idioms. We recently learned about idioms—a group of words that mean something different than the meaning of the individual words. Please share two to three idioms that you like and tell us what they are and what they mean.

· Week of January 22: How To. Everyone knows how to do something well. Please prepare a “how to” about something you know how to do (i.e. play a game of HORSE, tie your shoe, or make a peanut butter sandwich). Tell us the materials or things you need followed by the steps in order for us to be able to do it as well.

· Week of January 28: Free choice. You can choose any topic but tell us why you chose it and three things you want us to know. (Remember, no toys or electronics but you can bring a photo or a draw a picture to share information with us.)

Pyramid of Success Character Trait for December: Self-Control

Last month, Joshua Waters was recognized for "Cooperation".

Special Dates

January 18: Science Discovery Day

January 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday (no school)

January 22: MAP testing window begins

Wish List for the Classroom

1. Gently used toys, games, or little items for our treasure chest. Students will be visiting the treasure chest this month. *We are in serious need in this dept.; supply is low.

2. Clorox Wipes

3. Board Games: Yatzee, Headbandz, Monopoly, Scrabble, Twister,...