The U.S. Court System

By Amrit Dhillon

What are the different kinds of Courts the U.S. government have?

  • District Courts- They are federal courts where trials and lawsuits are held
  • Court of Appeals - hears appeals from the district and federal administrative agencies.

Who are the people who work at these courts?

U.S. Attorney- Prosecutes people who are said to of broken Federal laws.

U.S. Marshall- Makes arrests, collects fines, and takes convicted people to prison.

Magistrate Judge- Decide whether the accused should be held in jail or released.

Judges of the Federal court are on life terms which means that they can stay for as long as they want. Judges also go on precedents of previous judges and make their decisions based on opinions. Remand is when they send the case back to lower courts to be tried again, circuts are the geographic location where the US Court of Appeals is.

There are also different kinds of jurisdiction, there is appellate jurisdiction where the case is appealed in a lower court; and original jurisdiction where the case is heard for the first time.