The British

by Nihshank

Who were the British settlers

Who were the British Settlers?

The British were ancient Celtic people. 55 years before Jesus was born Cesar attacked Britain with two roman legions (10,000 soldiers). Once that had happened the British had moved to the north of Firth of forth and made an alliance with the Picts who lived south of Firth of forth. As time passed the British migrated to Canada at the 19th century.

How did there life change financially?

When the British arrived. They had to use most of their resources for travel which meant they had to work for everything. The problem was it wasn't going to be easy to get a job for their being so many. The British traveled by water (e.g. canoes, boats)

Was it easy for them to fit in?

When they arrived because the both government's had a huge relationship and were trading partners it was very easy for them to fit in. Canada was very open and friendly to them. As soon as they grew apart that had changed later at that time.

Did they have the same right as Canadians?

For the British to become primenister they had to have the same rights as Canadians. They did have a relationship but they grew apart. The British still had the upper hand because their parliament was very powerful. So that meant they did still have the same rights. So you would still have to be voted for primenister.

How did they change Canada today?

The British had added their own traditions to Canada. They had also changed the overall structure of Canada. From when they came and left their has been a huge difference.

British had also claimed Canada, by 1763 they gave up all of their claims.

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