Best Practices Cues

EDUCA 2740 - Nancy Haines

Be organized

Basic presentation structure -

  1. Use an attention-getting opener
  2. Give a brief overview of the topic
  3. State the problem
  4. Explain how your solution meets the audience's need
  5. Tell the audience the action steps
  6. Briefly summarize and conclude

Know Your Audience

Make sure the topic is appropriate for their level of knowledge


  • Use color effectively
  • Make sure text is readable - dark text on light background is easy to read


  • Muted photographs or textures are more professional looking than solid color
  • Keep background consistent


  • Use visuals with words, instead of words alone
  • Follow contiguity principle - printed words should be near corresponding graphics
  • Graphics should be relevant to the material


  • Keep it simple
  • Don't make your audience dizzy with transitions

Clear Headlines

Explain main idea of every slide

Limit Wording

  • Move text off screen
  • Narrate content instead of showing it
  • Fewer words can say more

Spell Check

Shows professionism


  • Helps to visualize structure
  • Segments presentation into manageable chunks