ICT News

Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools

Issue 7 24th August 2013

The Greater Kengal ICT News will be published each fortnight. Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by Sept 6. The flyer will also be uploaded to the Greater Kengal wiki.

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.

Students using Wikispaces

Kellie-Marie McNamara made this Wikispace during her 3rd Year Prac. The students read Aladdin, then wrote their own story with the theme From Rags to Riches. http://fromragstoriches.wikispaces.com


StudyJams! is a collection of free educational videos covering over 200 math and science topics. The lessons are short and are geared toward children in 3rd-6th grades.


Trading Cards Generator

ReadWriteThink’s Trading Cards app allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, to build study aids for school, or to create their own fictional world of characters.

Create trading cards for any number of categories, including:
• Fictional person
• Real person
• Fictional place
• Real place
• Object
• Event
• Vocabulary word

Each category has specific guiding questions for creating a dynamic, information-rich trading card. Summarizing skills are critical as they drill down to the most important information to fit on the card. In addition, they become aware of writing for an audience because they can share their cards with others.



iPad app


Greater Kengal Video Conference

Monday, Sep. 2nd, 3:30pm

This is an online event.

The next Greater Kengal VC will take place next Monday at 3:30 pm.

Jenny will be explaining the use of TALE.

Everyone is asked to share a web tool and explain how it can be used in the classroom.