Superintendent's Synopsis

Blue Hills Regional Technical School

April 6, 2020

Dear Blue Hills COVID-19 Warrior Families:

I hope you are all safe and doing well at home during this challenging time. It's been 24 days since March 13th. Gas prices are the lowest I've seen less than a mile from my house. There's a good lesson on supply and demand. Please do your part with physical distancing, wear your homemade washable masks if you go out of the house and wash your hands. Protect yourselves and your loved ones. Be the one to make a difference and help save lives while stopping the spread of the virus.

All of us are experiencing these unprecedented times in different ways together apart. Many of us are in survival mode. Even though we were not prepared for all of the changes we are facing every day, I applaud you all for making these adaptive and technical changes with a very quick turnaround time for our emergency remote teaching with compassion, creativity, innovation and dedication for our students. So as we cope with this emergency health crisis and remote learning, we hope to support all of you as we keep the continuity of learning going for our students.

Anxiety is high as we feel the stress of the increasing cases of the virus around us. Almost everyone knows someone and for some it's someone they love infected with COVID-19. Essential workers, front-line workers are terrified to go to work, losing sleep and they are afraid to go home to their families. Some families are experiencing less income right now. There are shortages at the local supermarkets which leads to higher stress and sometimes depression among adults and children. Please let us know if your family situation is experiencing anything that is making learning untenable at this time. We are here to help and we need to know these things.

Our teachers and leadership team have worked diligently together to develop and deliver the quality and sustainable emergency remote learning for our students that launches this week.We will be review the feedback and make tweaks as we navigate these uncharted waters. Thank you for your patience. Please continue to communicate with your child’s teachers, adjustment counselor, guidance counselor, academic director, special education director, vocational director or principal especially if you need assistance with anything from resources, school work concerns, or support. Parents, guardians and caregivers know their children best. Working together we can support our students more. Our administrators, faculty and staff are here to help.

Remember to take time out for yourself. You will be better for it and make others experiences more pleasant, too. Self-care is not selfish.

Good Friday is April 10 and there will be no school, no remote learning.

Please celebrate with only the people who live in your household during Easter and Passover. This is critical.

Passover begins April 8th – sundown through April 16th. In honor and recognition of Passover, the Jewish holiday that commemorates freedom from slavery in Egypt, Blue Hills teachers will give extensions for late work for those who, in their observance of the holiday, do not log in to remote classes on April 8, 15 and 16.

As you know Commissioner Riley has decided to make April school vacation week a local decision. Therefore, we will update you once we know more.

Please remember there is something to be grateful for everyday. Be kind to each other, love one another and support everyone. We will get through this and it will pass. The future may be different, but it will be bright.

In closing, the priority of the Blue Hills Regional Technical School is the health and safety of our students and staff members. Be safe and stay well.


Jill Rossetti, Superintendent-Director

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First Face Shield Prototype Made on 3D Printer

Thank you Ms. Bearse and Mr. Cequeira. We can't wait to see the full article written by Ms. Bass on this.
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Good To Remember (children and adults)

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