The Dust Bowl Project

By Brandt the boss and Presto magesto (preston)

The dust Bowl Project

“Return of the Dust Bowl”

Essential Questions: What caused the Dust Bowl and could it happen again? What can be done to prevent it from happening again?

Vocabulary and Key Terms:



Example or Sentence


Is a measure of weather

Measure rain humidity etc


Climate change

Change in weather of front or precipitation

Rain to sunny day over a period of time


To be stable and sturdy

For sure, positive

Future Dust Bowl

Upcoming dust bowl

Upcoming dust bowl

Hydrologic Cycle

Water cycle were water goes through different stages

Cloud rain river water drink


A type of intense dust storm

Dust storm that’s crazy

Entry Document from KNWA Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff (Twitter @weatherdan):

News reports suggest a dusty return
for the West in the next few years.
Will it affect Arkansas? Tune in.

Scientists are baffled on how to prevent
a reoccurring dust bowl like that of the
1930’s. Any suggestions? #savethewest
#dustbowl #driedup

Here at KNWA we are creating a contest
to try to find the next great scientists.
What caused the first #dustbowl? How
could this #dustbowl be prevented?

Make sure to provide an explanation for
why the first dustbowl occurred, why it might
happen again, and a logical plan that
details your plan of action for preventing
the next dust bowl.

Using, you will be completing the 3 part project using various sources.
1.) An explanation for why the first dust bowl occurred- The first dustbowl occurred when farms dried out. Also when winds picked up. Also when irrigation and water were not there any more. Farms quit producing food. Irrigation failed. "Unless something is done," a government report predicted, "the western plains will be as arid as the Arabian desert." We want it now – and if it makes money now it's a good idea. But if the things we're doing are going to mess up the future it wasn't a good idea. Don't deal on the moment. Take the long-term look at things. It's important that we do the right thing by the soil and the climate. History, is of value only if you learn from it.

Wayne Lewis, Dust Bowl survivor

2.) Research and explanation of how another could happenUnder the right circumstances, say the Ogallala Aquifer gets overdrawn or climate change reduces snowmelt for the Platte and Arkansas rivers and farming halts in the High Plains, it could happen, says Nick Wiltgen, digital meteorologist for However, he adds, it would be on a radically smaller scale.

  • 3.) Plan of action for preventing another dust bowl

  • Robot that tames crops

  • If dense dust is observed blowing across or approaching a roadway, pull your vehicle off the pavement as far as possible, stop, turn off lights, set the emergency brake, take your foot off of the brake pedal to be sure the tail lights are not illuminated.

  • Don't enter the dust storm area if you can avoid it.

  • If you can't pull off the roadway, proceed at a speed suitable for visibility, turn on lights and sound horn occasionally. Use the painted center line to help guide you. Look for a safe place to pull off the roadway.

  • Never stop on the traveled portion of the roadway.

4.) Bibliography page