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How Bobsled Works

Racing in bobsled in the winter Olympics requires four people to start off. The vehicle has a design to move quickly on the ice surface. The bobsled weighs a maximum of 100 hundred pounds. As the race begin, there are two people that have to run as fast as they can pushing the bobsled. As soon as they reach to first curve, they jump into it with a equal sense of balance for they won't tip over. The four men also have to withstand the extreme gravitational force while controlling the bobsled during the race.

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Steve Langton

Height: 6'2" Weight: 227 lbs.

Article One

Steve Langton was watching the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, after that he filled out an athlete resume online. Later on, he attended a summer recruitment camp in Lake Placid, N.Y. Time after time, he worked hard in extreme conditions and pushed his way onto the team, earning a spot on the World Cup circuit in his first competitive season as a bobsled athlete. Langton claimed the 2009 U.S. National Push Championship title and was called Rookie of the Year. With all his hard work and training, he was one of the best push athletes in the world and won the first-ever world push championship title in Cesana, Italy in 2011.

Article Two

Steve Langton was very detected in looking to make more history in the two-man bobsled final on Monday at the Winter Olympics. Langton teamed up with Holcomb, who is a native from Melrose,

They completed their quest with a strong showing in the two-man, winning the bronze medal with a total time of 3:46.27. The US had not won a medal in two-man bobsledding since 1952.Their final time was just .03 seconds ahead of fourth place Russians Alexander Kasjanov and Maxim Belugin.

Career Highlight

2013-2014 World Cup as brakeman for Steven Holcomb in four-man

2013-2014 World Cup as brakeman for Steven Holcomb in two-man

2012-2013 World Cup as brakeman for Steven Holcomb in two-man

2012-2013 World Cup as push athlete for Steven Holcomb in four-man

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