How To Form a 1040 EZ

by Juan Montoya

Info On the Form

1. You need 3 forms W-2, 1099 INT, and a tax table to complete a form

2. You need to tell if your married, or single

3. Whats your amount of salaries or tips

4. If you have a health care

5. Whats your earned income tax

6. Your income must be less then $100,000

Who Sends you the Form, and due date?

You print the 1040EZ form from the IRS website, and then once your finished with completing the 1040EZ form you mail the form to the IRS, and the form is due at April 18th every year you have to file this form.

How to fill out the front and back of the 1040EZ?

Step 1. You need to use your info on your tax table form , W-2 Form and your 1099 INT, finally the tax table

Step 2. Once you have all that finished now your about to fill out your 1040EZ so the first section is INCOME which is attached to your W-2 form and this section is gonna ask you question on whats your wages and salaries, taxable interest, if your unemployment, adjusted gross income, if your single or married then it will get you your number to see what number you need. (ALSO all the info is on your W-2 form Tax table, and 1099 INT!)

Step 3. The next section is the PAYMENTS, CREDITS, AND TAX this is gonna tell you to give your federal income tax, earned income credit, if you elect people/government wise, adding lines 7 and 8a for your total payments and credits, finding your tax amount, health care info, and adding lines 10 and 11 for total payment.

Step 4. This is the Refund section and this is going to tell you if you can have a refund or you have to owe money and for this part your going to need to look at the tax table.