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It is true, during 2014 the private sector has been counting an increasing number of jobs each month? Yes, but what kind of jobs and are they sustainable? While the 2014 jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics was better than expected, the median household income continues its decline since 2008. If you look behind the numbers, you will gain a very different picture.

The November, 2014 US Labor Report, for example, of 321,000 new jobs breaks down like this:

  • 86,000 professional services
  • 50,000 in retail
  • 29,000 in healthcare
  • and, a scant 20,000 in construction, and
  • the remainder are fragmented across many sectors

Some are seasonal. Some are contingent. Few are permanent full-time positions, yet the stock market has been breaking record highs in 2014 just ended. Entry level graduate positions are few or non-existent. Record numbers are still disengaged at work or underemployed. One in three jobs are still held by temps, freelancers or independent professionals. Technology automation continues at an unabated pace eliminating more jobs than it creates. Trying to sort this chaos out for you is what we try do at Blended Workforce by SP3M Group LLC.

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First 25 to register will receive a FREE eBook "Boomerville: Getting off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round". Enter Promo code GIG2015.