5th Grade News


Mrs. Leyhew is pregnant... very, very, very pregnant. :)

Friday, October 21st is a 1/2 day. Students will dismiss at 11:30. (Lunch will not be served. Extended care is available.)

Trunk or Treat will be October 21st. 5:30-6:30 at the football field

Report Cards for Quarter 1 were sent home today (Friday, October 14th).

Please send in any BoxTops that you have by October, 24th. It is time for MTCS to get PAID some free money. :) $ :) $ :)

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We have reviewed the upcoming Bible test and decided to make some adjustments to it. This means that the study guide that your students have are needing to be adjusted as well. These adjustments should have already been made. Below is a picture of a sample study guide for this test. We apologize for this change, but we felt as though it was necessary.

Click HERE to see a video that we have been using to help the students learn the 10 Commandments. (Yes the kids are quick to point out how much YOUNGER Mrs. Leyhew looks... she's reminded them that last year she wasn't carrying around an extra person all the time!)

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Upcoming Tests - Bible Wednesday ( Oct 19th )


This week we've been working on expanding and combining sentences to make beautiful 5th grade sentences!

We also learned about our unique learning styles and reading preferences in anticipation of our next unit. (We will be working on Civil War and nonfiction items to go along with Bowman's social studies unit)

History / Science

We began our study of the Civil War with the growing conflicts of the Northern and Southern states. I assigned groups specific topics to research and create presentations. They have been researching and working on imovies, posters, and power points IN CLASS to present on Monday. These are counting as a test grade and they are coming together beautifully. As this is their first attempt at this, I will be understanding of mistakes and nervousness. We will do lots of these throughout the year to increase their research, collaborative, and public speaking skills. They learn SO MUCH from doing this.

* I am out today (Friday) with a sick daughter, so I understand life happens.

IF groups are not ready to present on Monday, we will wait. Please do not have your child work on this at home. They need to work with their group during class without anxiety.

Next week we will begin the battles etc.


We have started learning about fractions. This unit will be one that we will be studying for a while. I am excited to say that our text books will finally be helpful (they are kinda out of date, and are only helpful on some topics). Luckily, this is one time when they will come in handy.

Accelerated Math

The students are expected to "master" 10 skills before the progress reports go home for each quarter (this occurs on November 4th this quarter). This will be counted as a quiz grade. If a student only "masters" 6 skills, then they will earn a 60. If they master all 10 (or more) they will get a 100.

The students are expected to "master" 20 skills before the report cards go home at the end of the quarter. This will be counted as a test grade. If a student "masters" 19 skills, they will earn a 95. If they master 20 (or more) they will get a 100.

A student can earn bonus points by "mastering" more than 20 skills in a quarter. Bonus points will be applied to the lowest quiz grade. If a student "masters" 21 skills they will get 1 bonus point for the extra skill that was mastered. Bonus points will not carry over into the next quarter.

"Mastered" only occurs when a student has completed a practice and passed that skill's test. The students must pass the practice before I can assign them a test. I will be assigning tests daily as the students are ready for them. Tests can only be taken while at school, but practices can be taken at home. I will be allowing time in class from time-to-time for students to work on Accelerated Math. They also have a small study hall time period at the end of the day to take any tests while they are here at school.

I will be monitoring student's progress as the quarter passes. They can monitor their progress (or you if you desire) by looking on the "progress" tab in their Accelerated Math app.