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Summer Fun from the DCD Middle School Library

"First Outside, Inside Last"

The F.O.I.L. method might be great for solving equations, but it's also a great metaphor for summer. Remember when you used to play outside and ride your bike all day? Whether you're headed outside for a day of play or a day by the pool, don't forget to pack a great book to enjoy when you need some time in the shade.

If you're looking for suggestions for your child or yourself, check out these resources:

  • Fun summer reading video from the DCD Library Services Department
  • Suggested Summer Reading links on the DCDS portal
  • DCDS Required and Suggested Summer Reading brochure that is mailed with the June calendar (the Upper School suggestions are great for adults too!)
  • DCDS library catalog, Destiny
  • Your local public library
  • American Library Association's Recommended Reads lists for PreK - adult
  • Guys Read, and also, Guys Listen
  • And announcing.... (see below!)

The 24/7 Library!

The Middle School Library is accessible even when we're closed! We are thrilled to announce that we now offer OverDrive, the same e-book service offered by your local public library. Visit our OverDrive library to get started! Students use their network username and password to log in.

For help using OverDrive visit this Help page or contact Mrs. Dobbs, Middle School Librarian at cdobbs@dcds.edu

Does your child prefer to listen to their books? We've got that covered too! Catalist offers downloadable audio books through our library catalog, Destiny. Students log in to Destiny with their network username and password, then search "Catalist" or a specific title to see what's available. Click on the link to the book on the Additional Info tab, then listen online or download to a mobile device.

Creating, Composing, and Coding

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” ― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows.

- Whether it's "messing about in boats" or anything else, sometimes kids just like to make stuff and invent their own fun. DIY is an incredible new website (and mobile app) that helps kids learn skills for everything from being a chef, to an entomologist, to a "cardboarder" (someone who makes awesome things out of cardboard!) . By completing challenge activities, participants earn badges and can share pictures of their creations with their cohorts. Check it out!

- Does your child like to write? Send them to an online writer's "retreat" sponsored by the Young Writer's Program. Beginning at midnight on July 1st, Camp NaNoWriMo encourages students to write a novel in a month! Join the online camp and start writing!

- Coding is the new literacy of the 21st Century. From mobile apps, to websites to games, every piece of technology we use relies on codes. Codecademy, MIT's App Inventor , and Scratch offer an introduction to coding in kid-friendly ways. Kids can "mess about" on these sites, but to really learn the coding, it's best to create an account and follow the setup instructions and lesson plans. Why learn coding? Watch this video to hear what tech leaders have to say about it.

Enjoy the summer!


Cheri Dobbs

Middle School Librarian

PreK3-12 Coordinator of Library Services

Chair, Independent Schools Section of the American Association of School Librarians