Frysian food


The fryske dûmkes

hello we are the Fryske dumkes: Michel, Rick, Femke, Hilda

we do it over here because these cookies nowhere else than in Friesland are available

The name means "Fries inside out " and refers to the shape of the cookie filled with chopped hazelnuts, aniseed and ginger . It is a crisp cookie with a delicious anise flavor.

It is a crisp cookie with a delicious anise flavour

Why these cakes are so delicious!

• because of the delicious hazelnuts and anise in processed

• because they are so delicious brittle

these nuts to bake some traditional Frisian cookies called Fryske Dumkes

The name derives from the Dumke the traditional way of making. There are several

explanations for the name Dumke. The baker cut a long flat strip of dough to

size of a thumb, the size of the Dumkes, so the greater the greater the thumb

cookie. Another explanation is that the Dumke looks like a thumb.

Mijn Keuken... Friese Dumkes


ask your questions...
made by: Rick, Hilda, Femke en Michel (better know the fryske dumkes)