The Jackson Project

Hero or Zero?

The Spoils System

The spoils system is a practice in which Andrew Jackson, after winning the election, gave government jobs and other rewards to his supporters as an incentive to keep supporting him. This way he would stay president and would soon become known as the common man, helping the citizens and becoming a favorite to most people.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson not only hated the person who ran the national bank, but he also thought it only favored the wealthy, leaving the people powerless. In order to stop this he would have to shut down the national bank. In order to shut it down, Jackson slowly transferred the money from the national bank into the states bank, forcing the national bank to shut down.

Trail of Tears

With the Cherokee on desirable land due to cotton and the discovery of gold, the US government "exchanged" the land the Cherokee were living on, for less desirable land west of the Mississippi. It was a deal. The US got Georgia and the Cherokee would travel west of the Mississippi. The long journey in which the Cherokee traveled on was called the trail of tears where many died and sickness spread.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon represents the killing of the national bank. It shows how while Jackson is shutting down the bank, the people believe that this is a good act, shows the man patting Andrew Jackson on the back. It also makes the people running the national bank look really bad. They are falling into a big hole in the ground while the pillars to the bank are being struck by lightning. Also the picture of the "Devil" tripping into the hole with the workers.
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Comment from a fellow Cherokee

Seriously?!?! We are happy living in Georgia doing our everyday things when all of a sudden troops come in and force us out! Sure they offered us other land to live on but I don't trust them. But really, what did we ever do to them? They can't just make us travel for months to a place we never wanted to go to, along with killing over half of our people on the way! I am SO done with the US government.

Comment from a fellow factory worker

OMG guys. All I did was put in a single slip of paper as my vote into a box and now I get a job for the government! This is so much better than my old job at the factory! If I would have know this is what was going to happen I would have voted for Andrew Jackson a long time ago. Seriously the man is amazing! He understands us common people and knows our struggles. There is no thought to it. I am SO voted for him next year!