A.A.E. Gifted Referrals


**All referrals should be turned in prior to Thanksgiving break. Permission slips will be sent home when we return from Thanksgiving break.**

Who Can Refer a Student for Gifted Screening?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Administrators
  • Peers
  • Self
  • Anyone with reason to believe that a child is intellectually gifted

2nd Grade Mass Screening

Second grade is a critical year for identifying gifted students, so please help us get as many mass screening permission slips back as possible. Refer any students that you think were missed in first grade or who are new to AAE and show signs of giftedness.

Common Traits of Gifted Individuals

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Mid-Year iReady Diagnostics

Students that score in the 90th percentile or higher in either Reading or Math on the mid-year iReady diagnostic tests should be considered for referral.

Things to Remember When Making Referrals

  • QUEST is a program for intellectually gifted students
  • Not all intellectually gifted students are high achievers academically
  • Look for unique problem solvers and creative thinkers
  • Students can be twice-exceptional

What's the Difference Between a Bright Child and a Gifted Child?

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AAE 2022-2023 Referrals

**We will begin accepting gifted referrals in November.**