The First Gymnastics


Turnverein is a gymnastics club. When it came to the United States, it was used mostly used for social organizations and athletic clubs. These helped to settle German immigrants. Turnverein were most times near German towns or areas.


Turnverein and gymnastics are the same and different ways. One of these is that Turnverein and gymnastics both use generally the same type of equipment. Turnverein uses a parallel bar just like the one used for gymnastics. Also while practicing both of them, the gymnasts wear leotard type clothing. Or they wear things that won't rip, tear, or chafe.


Gymnastics and Turnverein are the same, but they also differ in many ways. Gymnastics has leotards for girls similar to swimsuits. Boys wear t shirts and shorts. Gymnastics have competitions called meets. Turnverein has competitions called turnfests.
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