LIFE IN THE MIDDLE ~ August 2021 ~

Welcome Back from the CMS Counselors

Welcome Back!!

We hope you have enjoyed your summer and are as excited about this year as we are! We are ready to begin building on the strong traditions here at CMS and can’t wait to meet all of our incoming 7th graders, new 8th graders and our returning 8th grade students!

Newsletters are sent to parents but we would LOVE for you to share it with your students.

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Wed. August 11th: Dragon Camp -ALL 7th Graders and New 8th Graders; 9:30 - 12:00

Wed. August 11th: 8th Grade Orientation for last year's DVA (Entirely DVA) students; 2:00 - 3:00

Wed. August 11th: Parent Orientation for All 7th Grade Parents and New 8th Grade Parents: 5:30

Mon. August 16: First Day of School

Wed. August 25: Curriculum Night 6:00 – 7:45 p.m.

Dragon Camp

August 11th : 9:30 – 12:00

Dragon Camp for ALL 7th graders and new to CMS 8th graders.

Students will receive their schedules, get a tour of the building, meet some teachers and learn more about CMS!!

We will open the doors at 9:10 to begin to let students in the building. Dragon Camp will start promptly at 9:30. You may drop students off at the front or the back of the building. Please note, this is NOT the usual drop off procedure. Due to the large number of students being dropped off, we will open the back doors. Once school starts, student drop off is at the front of the building only. Busses will utilize the back of the building for drop off.

Unfortunately we will not be able to give tours for students who miss Dragon Camp.

8th Grade Orientation for Students who were ENTIRELY DVA last year

August 11th: 2:00 - 3:00

We are excited to offer an orientation for our 8th Grade Students who were ENTIRELY DVA last year. We sent an email to these parents and requested students sign up to attend. Schedules will be available in Skyward the morning of this Orientation. Students who were DVA all year and have signed up to attend this Orientation should bring a printed copy of their schedule. Please drop your students off and pick them up at the front of the school.

Returning 8th Grade Student Schedules

August 11th: 9:00 a.m.

Schedules will be available online for returning 8th graders.


Students may view schedules in Skyward, beginning August 11th, by logging in to Family Access and clicking on the “Schedule” tab in the left pane. Thank you for your patience as we continue to enroll new students and make adjustments to balance classes and have most all schedules finalized before making them available in Skyward.

You will see both your 1st semester and 2nd semester classes.

It is very important that you verify the following:

1. You have 8 classes each semester (Make sure you see numbers 1-8)

2. You do not have multiples of any class period per semester. (Do not have 2 second period classes 1st semester)

3. Make sure you have the following classes:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies

8th Graders: Please make sure you do not have an elective class that you had at CMS last year.

If you are missing a CORE class, or yearlong elective class, please complete the online google form. You can find the link on the CMS Counseling Page under Course Concerns.

Schedule Changes

At this time, we are only accepting concerns regarding a CORE class, a year long elective, or Athletics/P.E. This form will become inactive on Thursday, 8/12/21 at 4:00.

Once students receive their schedules, we will accept schedule changes due to a placement error, i.e. a student placed in College Ready Science who requested Advanced Science. These errors should also be submitted on the form linked above prior to 4:00 on 8/12/21.

If we can make the change requested, you will be able to view it in Student Access by Friday, August 13th at 4:00. Please do not email or call regarding the change. Thank you!

Students will have the opportunity to request a change regarding semester electives during the first week of the semester. A new form will be provided on Tuesday, 8/17/21at 8:00 a.m. through Friday, 8/20/21 at 8:00 a.m. that will include Elective requests.

We can not accept requests for teacher changes. We also cannot accept schedule requests via email or phone calls.

School Supplies

If you need a school supply list, you may find it at this link.

School Supplies

I have my School Supplies. -----------Now What?

The school supply list is intended to be an estimate of what each student will need throughout the year. Please have your student label all items with their name and fill one Pencil bag with the following: 2 red pens, 3 black pens, highlighters, and 3 pencils. Put a glue stick, the scissors, the colored pencils and the thin markers in the second pencil bag, a ziplock, or a zipper pocket of the backpack. Please have them label and put some notebook paper in the 2 binders and the pocket folder as well as placing one set of dividers in one binder and one set in the 2nd binder. All other supplies should be kept at home and replinished in the pencil bag as needed.

The two binders, one pocket folder, headphones, and two spirals along with the pencil bags and one set of index cards should fit easily in your student's backpack along with the laptop. Your student might also elect to carry the laptop in its protective case with a shoulder strap rather than in the backpack. If your student would prefer on the first day to only bring their laptop, pencil bag, and paper or a spiral, that should be sufficient along with the items listed below that will be collected.

School supplies that will be collected on the first day of school: Kleenix, 4 pack of AAA batteries, 4 pack of AA batteries, and the manila construction paper.

August 5, 2021
Ready for School!


With required protocols last school year, students were not assigned lockers. There were many benefits to students not having lockers, and CMS will be continuing without lockers this year.

Some of the benefits:

· Reduction in tardiness with the elimination of crowded locker areas,
· Increased Instructional time as students do not need to return to locker for missing supplies,

as well as increased opportunity to get home with all needed homework supplies,

· Reduced stress for students with having to locate materials, keep an organized locker, and figure out one more new thing
· Reduced horseplay and discipline concerns in the hallways,

· Reduction in lost items as students had the convenience of always having their backpack,

· Cleaner hallways as fitting all items, including lunch and backpack in the locker made the locker difficult to close and contain all items,
· Ability to maintain social distancing

It is helpful to remember as well that students are not issued textbooks.

We will continue to provide tables (in a central location) for students to leave their lunch box at the beginning of the day and pick up after school. This process worked extremely well last year.

We will provide athletic lockers for both boys and girls athletics. It is important to utilize these for athletic bags, extra clothing/sneakers, make-up bags, etc.

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All students are required to always have their school issued ID with them. It is necessary in order to make a purchase in the cafeteria and to check out a library book. While students are not required to wear it, it is important to develop a routine so it is always easily accessible. While temporary IDs can be provided on occassion, a lost ID must be replaced in the Attendance Office for $10. It will be assumed that repeat offenders who frequently require a temporary ID have lost their ID and will be required to pay $10 for a replacement.

7th Grade Students will receive their Student IDs with a lanyard and Bus Passes at Dragon Camp. If they are unable to attend Dragon Camp, they will receive them the first day of school.

Returning 8th Grade Students will need to use their ID from last year. They will receive their Bus Pass the first day of School. Please ensure that your student has located their ID from 7th grade.

New Students who attend Dragon Camp will have an opportunity to have their picture taken for their ID during Dragon Camp and receive it on the first day of school. Any new student unable to attend Dragon Camp will have their picture and ID made the first day.

When do I eat lunch?

7th Grade Students' lunch time is determined by their 5th period class. You will see either a letter B or C, next to period 5 on your schedule. The letter identifies your lunch period.

8th Grade Students' lunch time is determined by their 4th period class. You will see either a letter A or B, next to period 4 on your schedule. The letter identifies your lunch period.

If you do not see a letter for your lunch, then you will have "B" lunch unless told otherwise.

First Day of School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 16th

Bring a printed copy of your schedule to school.

Students will report to the gym prior to the 8:20 bell. At the 8:20 bell, students will report to their Dragon Den. Teachers will help students organize their back packs, collect school supplies, and review important procedures for the day, including helping students determine when they have lunch.


If your child registered for athletics, please complete the following prior to the first day of school:

1. Completed physical

2. Complete online athletic paperwork

Paperwork for both can be found here:

Physicals need to be scanned and emailed to:

** We cannot accept hard copies

Athletic parents need to refer to the email sent by Anthony VanBuskirk on 8/2/21 for important athletic information, including important dates.

Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments can be found here:


Please review the immunization requirements for all 7th grade students. Students must have their updated immunization record on file before they will be allowed to attend school. Nurse Bonczyk will be available at Dragon Camp and throughout the week to accept immunization records.

Principal's Letter and Dragon Tales

If you have not signed up to receive the Principal's Letter and our school newsletter, Dragon Tales, please follow this link to sign up! Dragon Tales is sent out weekly with important information about school events and our Principal's Letter goes out occasionally to share important information.


We try to provide several avenues of communication. We would love for you to connect through Facebook as well as to bookmark our counseling page on the CMS Website. In addition, we will send monthly "In The Middle" Counseling Newsletters like this one.

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Please check out the CMS Counseling page for helpful information!

How can my child meet with their counselor?

There are several ways students can see us:

1. Teacher Referral

2. Parent Referral

3. Self Referral

We meet with students for many reasons:

1. Academic - Performance, struggles, test taking strategies, study skills etc.

2. Friendship/ Peer/Social Concerns

3. Personal Concerns

4. Behavioral Concerns

5. Stress/Anxiety

6. Responsive Services - meeting their immediate needs and concerns

If you have a concern and you would like for a counselor to meet with your child, please contact your child's grade level counselor via email or phone.

Thank you!

CMS Counseling Staff

Jane Kea

7th Grade Counselor

Dawn Riedl

8th Grade Counselor

Paula Lynn

504 Counselor 7th/8th Grade

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Curriculum Night

August 25th: 6:00 - 7:45 pm

Please bring your child's schedule with room numbers.