Roberts and ECHS Weekly Newsletter

April 5th 2021 - April 9th 2021

A note from our Administration

Dear SKSD Alternative Education students and families,

Next week marks the end of the Q3 term-

Students should submit final work and assessments by Wednesday to earn credit!

There will be no school on Thursday for grading, and Friday is no school so our staff can plan for our return to school on the 13th!

Returning to school is a very big deal- and we want to ensure you know as many details as possible. Please read details below, and if you have additional questions you can join us for an informational event on Tuesday the 6th at 7pm on Zoom!

We are so excited to see your students!


Brad Shreve, Lisa McIntyre, and Miranda Cryns

The schedule ahead:

Monday, April 5th: Student support Monday (no school for students). Staff prepare, update grades, and contact students/families.

Tuesday, April 6th: Second to last day of Q3- normal school day.

Family information night for return to school: 7pm on Zoom-

Wednesday, April 7th: Last day of Q4- last day to submit work for Q4

Thursday, April 8th: Staff grading day, no school for students

Friday, April 9th: Staff planning day, no school for students

Return to School for Roberts and ECHS by program:

Monday, April 12th:

No school for students, teachers preparing for return to school

Early College High School and Teen Parent Program:

A day students attend on Tuesdays/Thursdays

B day students attend Wednesdays/Fridays


All students attend school every day Tuesday-Friday


All students attend school Tuesdays and Thursdays

Some students attend support sessions on campus through LIPI Wednesdays/Fridays- contact advisor to sign up


All students continue with online learning

Lab available for pre-scheduled students on Wednesdays/Fridays- contact advisor to sign up

Lit Center:

Sessions continue online and in-person Tuesdays-Fridays

Downtown Learning Center:

In-person classes beginning for A days Tuesdays/Thursdays and B days Wednesdays/Fridays

Students must be signed up or assigned a day and time slot

Transportation Options

Returning to school for a shortened, hybrid or LIPI schedule can be tricky. We want to help problem solve and Cherriots does too! If your student needs to take the city bus, please read below on how Cherriots is supporting Salem Keizer students come back to our buildings!
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