Confused By Your Kids?

I Have An Answer!

There's Something Called The Gonadal Hormone...

If your kids are super dramatic and emotional with you and you just don't understsnd why, it may be because of the gonadal hormone. So what is the gonadal hormore, basically the gonanadal hormone is male and female sex hormones. Now you may ask how does this how my child acts, I have an answer for that aswell. The gonadal hormone has a powerful effect on brain development and behavior. Each child will be effected differently but they did a study in 1992 on male rats showing when they were going through a period they would be a lot more sensitive, they also tend to be more masculine and agressive. As for girls they are also more sensitive, but more talkative and willing to communicte on how they're feeling. Sound fimilar? Now that you know part of why your child acts so dramtic and emotional try and give them a break. Talk to them about howe they're feeling and tell them you understand. Try to come up with ways to get them to adjust how they act toward you. Communicate with your child is key.

By Yasmeen Crespo