Mt. Olympus

By: Nathan Willer

Mt. Olympus is a great place to visit.

They have more fun activities than anywhere else. All of the parks are loads of fun.

Mt. Olympus has world class waterparks.

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Mayan Raging River

Ride along on the river with Mayan animals and plants.
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Hispaniola Bay

Explore a 35 foot long pirate ship!

They also have a theme park

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Hades 360 Rollercoaster

This crazy rollercoaster can amaze anyone.
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Trojan Horse Go-Kart Track

Go for a ride on this epic multi-leveled go-kart track.

They have great lodging too

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Mt. Olympus Hotel Rome

This is the only lodging area located directly on the park's grounds, keeping you close to the fun.
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Mt. Olympus Camp Resort

Here, you'll get the option to get a cabin, a camping space for tents, or even a spot for your RV on either grass, gravel, or blacktop.

Want more info?

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Park Map

You can see the entire park.