Instructional Technology Update Q3

Corinth Central School District

Promethean Activ-Boards on Trial at CCSD!

As all of the principals have indicated, our school district is currently exploring a new product that could potentially replace Smart Boards in the district. Each building is housing one right now on a trial basis. You are encouraged to visit and check it out with your classes!

(HS - Library / MS - LGI / Elem - Stacia Sheehan's room)

If you would like to know a little more about the product, check out the website:

A big shout out to Roger Tripp and Mike Pecora for getting them up and running and for collaborating with us as we learn to navigate the new boards!

Please give feedback to your building principal or building tech committee representatives as you experiment with the board!

Although we have not had formal training yet, Stacia and Pat are available for basic questions on how to get started!

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SAMR : District-wide goal!

Just a reminder: Our district leadership has asked all teachers to implement technology (as required in the NYS Teacher Standards/APPR) using the SAMR model for guidance!

If you are looking for new ideas or are in need of tech support, please reach out to Pat or Stacia! (There will also be an open drop in session available on our May 2nd staff development day!)

For more information (and the source of the image above), visit:


Thank you to all who have shared pictures of student engagement (academic, technology-focused, co-curricular and community events)!

Please continue to share so that we can celebrate what we do with our students on our website and district Facebook fan page.

(Kindly review the no-photo permission lists shared in each building BEFORE submitting information. Thankfully, the lists are short!)

Send to Pat Siano, Stacia Sheehan or your building leader for publication!

District Technology Committee Meets in April!

If you have feedback on the new boards or other technology ideas to share, please see a tech committee member to share! We are collaborating to shape the district-wide vision for technology use/purchases in the future!