Recognizing Phishing

The dangers of phishing and how to prevent them!

What Phishing is

Fishing scams are after your personal information. They want your credit cards, your address, your phone number, emails, and passwords. They will steal your money and destroy your social life. Here are some ways to prevent and recognize this.

How to Recognize Phishing

You detect phishing with these clues:

-The email doesn't address your name

- When you hover over the link, it shows some other link

- It has spelling errors

-The grammar is incorrect

- The email hints that it wants something (your password, username, credit card information, etc.)

-There are any threats (such as your account will close if you don't sign in on the link provided)

How to Avoid being Caught in a Scam!

- Make sure the email doesn't have any of the features provided above.

- If there are any threats (such as saying a family member is hurt and you need to send money) check and make sure it's the truth.

- NEVER open a link on a scam. The link can affect your computer or hack your information. If you are unsure if it's a scam or not, just open the internet and log on there.

What is Phishing?