By Aniruth Senthilkumar

What is Perseverance

Perseverance is doing something no matter how hard it is, as many times as it takes, to get the job done.

Description of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had to fight of adversity, and racism from others and despite that he became one of the best baseball players in the world. He originally played for the minor leagues in UCLA. Then he got hired by the Brooklyn Dodgers, and played for them in the Major Leagues. All through this time he was severely harassed, and people didn't like that him, an African American, was playing in the Major Leagues. And despite this he persevered, and became one of the most famous baseball player that we still love today.

Cause and Effect

Winston Churchill had caused many events and they all had an effect on somebody. He had joined the Harrow School, which had caused him to join the army. Winston Churchill's many years in the army had caused him to be a candidate for the UK election. The effect was, Churchill was elected to the position of Prime Minister. Eventually WWII came along and that caused Winston Churchill to enlist in the army yet again. And this might sound like Deja vu, but Winston Churchill's act of being such a good general and protecting his country naturally caused everyone to want him back as prime minister for a second term. Winston Churchill's definitely caused some things and effected even more.

Venn Diagram - Jackie Robinson/Winston Churchill

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Tom Monoghan's Problems and Solutiouns

Tom Monoghan, in case you didn't know is the owner of Domino's pizza. He was running the pizza shop with his partner. Problem number one starts with is partner declaring for bankruptcy. This led to Tom having to pay for his ex-partner. Tom was even more determined to succeed and manged to make 50,000 dollars, problem solved. Well, a short time after that his anchor store burned down. Tom solution to this was working harder than ever to bring back his restaurant. After Domino's was up and running again, Monoghan lost control of the restaurant. This left him stressed but he had managed to find a job somewhere else and eventually got his beloved restaurant back. That burned store did create more problems for Tom Monaghan. Now he was seriously low in money and was about to become bankrupt. This was at the same time he was working for somebody else instead of, at Domino's. Tom Monoghan took drastic measures and sold his house, and began to work way sixteen hours a day, and decided to sleep in his car so he'd have less to pay. Tom Monoghan always managed to find a solution.
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Perseverance has helped these people through tough times. From Jackie Robinson's baseball career to Tom Monoghan's now famous restaurant, perseverance has helped get them there. Everybody perseveres in some point in they're life. These peoples' perseverance have helped them become who they are, and now you know how