From 2nd Grade

Cardboard Challenge

Thank you for all of the cardboard! We launched this challenge by watching Cain's Arcade short film and reading the book Not a Box. I was excited to see the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into all of the projects. Watch the video below with your child and ask how it relates to the project created this week. Students practiced a lot of the group work and problem solving skills that have been developed this year.
Not a Box


** We still need empty paper towel rolls.

This week students were introduced to open response problems in EDM. With this lesson came the opportunity for your child to learn how to have math discussions in a safe, respectful environment. Students practiced silent signaling to agree or disagree. Students began to explore different approaches to math problems and how to explain their thought process. We will continue to build upon this in every unit and as a routine in how we have discussions in all subjects.


  • As we begin to use the ipads for recording and listening. It would be great for each student to have a personal pair of earbuds. We currently have large headphones that do not have microphones. If you can, will you purchase a pair of earbuds with mic (less than $10) for your child's personal use in class. See the picture for size sample.
  • This week we started using Front Row. This is a wonderful program that differentiates math practice. Your child is welcome to practice at home. You can go to and log in with the class code: wmhaww.

Important Dates

*10/7 - Walk to School Day
*10/20 - Parent Teacher Conferences
*10/22 - Library Field Trip
*10/22 - Parent Teacher Conferences
*10/24 - Rick's Run