he she we

The Path of Skillful Relating

A rare opportunity: discover more deeply how the genders tick!

What did he just say? What was she thinking? Ever wonder just how the other gender perceives the world and why they do the things they do?

It’s hard to deny that not far beneath the surface, there often lies a core of misunderstanding and even mistrust between men and women. Together Dianné and Washuntara foster new models of communication, cooperation, and leadership between and within the sexes.

If you want to...

  • Relate more skillfully, at work and at home
  • Go beyond the way you’ve communicated before
  • Heal past hurts
  • Shake out relationship myths and discover the strengths and natural wisdom men and women each have to offer
  • Feel safe exploring emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy
  • Practice emotional intelligence
  • Learn to set boundaries for more personal freedom
  • Have some fun, do some work, and transform your life

...then come along

Over the past 25 years Washuntara has developed the in-demand He She We workshop to shine a light on inter-gender dynamics.

Dianné Jean Aldrich is Washuntara's co-creator in this groundbreaking work. She has a wealth of experience facilitating women's circles and moon lodges. Her practical relationship skills as well as her knowledge of ritual and ancient teachings bring a remarkable depth of wisdom and beauty to the He She We experience.

Washuntara has dedicated over 30 years helping men and boys to craft passionate lives that work, while maintaining a successful and thriving career as a musician/singer/songwriter and public speaker.

He She We ... at Magnolia Group Health & Wellness Center

Saturday, March 28th 2015 at 10am-6pm

146 Park Ave

Pewaukee, WI

$90 Per Person or $150 per couple or if you bring along a friend.

Registration deadline: Wednesday, March 25th

Contact Dianne 608.279.5225 or Elise 262.501.4687