Manga Drawing!!!!!

the Japanese style everyone known by most as anime


Manga is a style of drawing that originated in Japan. Different styles are manga are used in many comic books. There are also Japanese comics that are actually called mangas.  Many animes are based off of popular mangas.


I got into drawing manga last year when I could draw people, but without a style, they just had dots and curved lines for features.  Some of my friends were great at drawing what I recognized as anime. I tried drawing in that style with a bit of help from my friends and a lot from Mark Crilley’s YouTube channel.


Obvious characteristics of manga and anime are clearly the large, expressive eyes and unique hairstyles. I’ve noticed from experience and examining mangas and animes that a key asset to drawing any person, especially manga, is proper proportion.  Drawings of living things just don’t look right if the proportion is messed up.  You don’t want the head as large as the torso (unless it’s a chibi!) or the torso longer than the legs. Correct facial placement is also vital.  Common manga hairstyles drape around the eyes, so they can’t be so high or low on the forehead that the person looks like an alien. 


Mark Crilley is an American manga author. He wrote mangas like Miki Falls and Brodys Ghost.  I havnt read either of the series, but i know this guy is amazing.  he has a youtube channel on how to draw manga and some other stuff.  i think his channel is amazing!  His videos are detailed, easy to follow and very helpful.  By watching his videos over the summer, I have become an excellent manga artist.  He also has wrote a few how to draw books.  They are spectacular!

Drawing Manga in my Life Now

I use manga a lot in my life now. I draw for fun, and to give to my friends. I have a whole sketchbook for drawings I‘ve done since this semester started and it’s already over halfway full. I’ve been drawing all my life and I love comparing my drawings now to ones I’ve done before and noticing my improvement.  Two possible job possibilities for me are an animator or a video game graphic designer.   My drawing experience would definitely help with that.

Where to Start

  If you want to start drawing manga style, great for you!  It’s a huge advantage if you already love drawing, especially people and animals. If you can already draw people I would start by one at a time adding manga characteristics such as large eyes or spiky hair.  Then keep practicing and develop your own techniques. If you put your heart into it, soon you’ll be great!
all images cited from Google images. i do not own any of these pictures