Unit 2 Summative

Gennaro Marra


Unit 2 was all about humans migrating, how mosaics connect to the unit and how cooperation and conflict are balanced by people among different social groups. Humans migrating is people moving to different places. For example people are migrating whenever they move to a different state or town or sometimes even a different country. The reason that they migrate is because they have a pull factor to the place that they are moving to or the place that they were living had a push factor. A pull factor is something that causes you to want to migrate to the place and a push factor is something that causes you to want to migrate from the place you were living in. An example of a pull factor could be better job opportunity, better schooling or a nicer and friendlier community. Some push factors could be violence or war, bad education or political leaders. Cultural mosaics were also a part of this unit. A cultural mosaic is a combination of races, languages, beliefs and cultures all in one society or one group. For example all the people around the world are different. They have different beliefs, nationalities and speak different languages. When humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups it is basically like 2 groups compromising or having a disagreement. The conflict happens and then cooperation to come up with an agreement has to happen to fix the conflict.


There are always people around the world migrating or moving to different places. When they move they are pushed from their old home or they're pulled into a new place. These factors are what always cause a person to migrate. If a person is living in a house in Colorado where there isn't any ocean connections and there are mountains may be a push factor to people who like the beach. If someone was wanting to move to Colorado because they liked to ski then the mountains of Colorado would be a pull factor. In the real world people have different beliefs all around the world. Those people around the world are coming and meeting together to form a cultural mosaic because of all their different beliefs and languages. When people from other countries come to the US or people move from the US to other countries they are taking their beliefs and spreading them to other countries. This is also another example of the people in the world making cultural mosaics. For example a community or neighborhood is an example of a cultural mosaic. All the people that live in the area may have different beliefs, speak different languages and have different cultural activities and beliefs. They all come together though to form that group, the community or neighborhood, and form a cultural mosaic.All In the world people are balancing cooperation and conflict in their social groups during treaties. When different countries sign treaties with other countries they are cooperating with each other. For example the US signed a treaty with Russia called the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. This treaty limited the nuclear arsenal capabilities of the US and Russia and also allowed for each country to inspect the other. This is an example of cooperation in the real world. The reason that this treaty was probably signed was because of fighting and conflict between the two countries.

Power is also shifting between the social groups all the time too. At points in time some groups may have power over the others, but it can always switch. Say one groups over powers the other group by signing a treaty with another country to get more support then the power should shift to them. This is happening all the time and usually not one person has all the power forever. For example in the early twentieth century Germany and Japan tried to work together to gain power but never got it and power shifted to someone else. In the early 21st century the big states of Asia, now Asia's growing economic power is translating to political power and military power. When the power shifts it is usually positive for the group getting the power. For example it is positive for the Asia states getting the power because now they can have more control with the power they are getting. The group having the power shift away from them is usually negative. It is negative because now that they don't have the power they may not be able to control the people without power anymore. Sometimes if it is a country losing the power then it can negatively affect all the people in the country. They may not be able to get proper supplies they need to survive. This is how power shifting applies in the real world.


In my life I have migrated from different states and towns. I used to live in Revere, Massachusetts and we moved from a house in Revere to another house that was in Revere. When we moved it was because the house we lived in had a push factor that caused us to move from there. Even though the push factor caused us to move from there a pull factor for the city of Revere caused us to stay there. One of the pull factors to stay there was the school that I was going to and the location. All my family lives down in that area so they wanted to stay there. We once again migrated from Massachusetts to New Hampshire. There were push factors of Revere such as maybe violence. NH had pull factors that there was really good schooling and possibly have less street violence. I have different beliefs and nationalities then some of my friends. I am Italian compared to some of my friends who are Irish or French. We all make up a friend group and also a cultural mosaic. We also have different beliefs possibly religiously or on political topics. We are all together though forming a cultural mosaic. I am always balancing out the 2 forces of cooperation and conflict. Whenever I fight with my brother we have conflict but we eventually will cooperate. Also if I wanted to watch TV but he did too, there would be a conflict. We would have to come up with a reasonable solution and cooperate so we both get what we are looking for. In the bullets and ballots game I was a part of the Guerrillas. Our group got kicked out of the country and were rebels. Throughout the game we worked with the workers and peasants group. We signed a treaty toward the beginning of the game to send 3 of our people over to the workers and peasants. Then towards the end game in the last month we signed another treaty with the workers and peasants to send the rest of our members to there group. We signed these treaties so that if there was an election we could out vote the army and wealthy since peasants and workers had 2 votes a person. So we tried to get the most people so we would have even more votes. In the game the army and wealthy had the power for most of it. On the last month the A+W used their take over card to make it so there wasn't an election. Right after that though the power shifted to the US government when they pulled their take over card. The US, now having the power, that the A+W would not be running the government and shifted the power to the Guatemalan government and named Anthony the president. This is how the power shifted through the game.