21st Century Learning

Learn why it is beneficial to you and your students.

What is 21st Century Learning?

21st Century learning isn’t only incorporating new ways of learning into the education system to include technology, but that it is also about adjusting the way that we learn to accommodate the differences in our lifestyle and the 19th century lifestyle. With access to so much information at just the click of a button, finding the information is no challenge for modern students. So 21st Century learning would have to change what we actually do with the information, because now with technology, we can do so much more. Again, it isn’t just about incorporating technology, but acknowledging how technology has changed how we think and work, and adjusting our learning according to that.

What are some aspects of 21st Century Learning?

There are many different techniques and ways of learning that come with 21st Century Learning. One technique is Inquiry Based Learning, where a student taking charge of their own learning. This includes doing the research on the given topic by themselves, coming up with questions, and then working to answer them. Incorporating technology into lessons and learning is a big part of 21st century learning, because it is all about adjusting to the current age and learning to work with it. Students need to develope critical thinking but also practical skills that they can carry out with them into the real world.

Why is it Beneficial?

21st Century Learning incorporates technology and new methods of learning, which is beneficial to both students and teachers. For the students, working in an updated environment (similar to how they grew up, since kids are growing up in a computer age) gives them easier access to information and can make them more self-efficient. Inquiry based learning, for example, let’s the student work at their own pace and in a way that they know works for them. The easy access to information on the web creates new ways teachers can help students work with the information to improve their research skills and critical thinking. New methods of learning aren't the only benefit, though; for teachers, it's a good way of keeping or getting up to date with modern day technology. Incorporating technology into the course can make your life easier (with everything done digitally), and makes it easier for the students to get information (using social media or educational group sites like ANGEL or Myclass to give out information and allow students to access information from home).
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