Give Your Self A Raise This Holiday

Team Booking Event Starting Nov. 8th through Nov. 12th

Welcome Our First News Letter

Thank you so much for joining our team! Regardless if you are a seasoned stylist or a brand new stylist this is our very first news letter! I would love some feed back if you find it useful! October was a fantastic month but it is just the beginning! November truly is the month to make the most money! So this is why the time is now to book in tight. How do you do this?? Call in all your favors. As the girl that commented on your necklace at the grocery store. Ask your children's caregivers and teachers. Ask your nail lady. Ask your mom!

October as a group we sold just under $9000.00! That is huge for our little group! My goal is for us to sell $13000! Can we do it??

A little shout out to Mrs. India Cox for being #1 is sales last month with a whopping $3,143.50! Her first month with Stella & Dot earned her 1 quick start bonus, 2 jumpstart bonuses, and I know she will get at least one more before her 60 days are up! That is $600 in jewelry credit just for her display!

You Deserve A Raise

You Deserve A Raise!

The most exciting selling season of the year is here, and I want to help you boost your earnings! Join our team for a week long booking challenge that will help YOU have the earnings you desire this holiday season! We will follow the circle of success tips and plans to move your business forward. Everyone loves a little motivation and a little prize, and it's more fun to book together than alone. What have you got to lose? Get a head start by warming up your contacts before the competition begins- and I am going to make it easy on you.....I will be sending each of you a "warm-up" email. Feel free to use it to forward to all your contacts. Or use your own. After that, it's simple---- follow-up by phone or email with those people and book those shows. You can use "November Words to Say" for inspiration.

Organize Your Week

Sunday/Monday: Get your list of contacts together and send out "Warm Up" email to all your contacts. Make sure to Bcc: them on your contact list.

Tuesday-Friday: Start contacting your "potential hostesses" regarding having a show in November. Get it in before the craziness of December begins. Remind them how easy it is.


If I haven't talked to you already then we must set up some chat time soon! This month I have prizes for everyone that reaches a personal goal! Let's pick those goals out together!
Ronnie Seals is planning on selling at least $770 in retail this month and having two in home trunk shows!

What is your goal!

Now Let's Go Books Some Shows!