Robert Greatz

standing up rights


Robert Graetz was born in 1928 November 14 he grew up in Clarksburg West Virginia then he went to Los Angeles when he was 17 he saw the civil rights he tried to help out the Negroes so help protest with martin Luther king but he was bombed twice he still is alive but he also helped for Montgomery bus boycott with Rosa parks and served pastors then he went to Ohio university when he was 19 after he had a career about chemical and engineering and that's how became an important man


Until now Robert Graetz been one of the freedom riders with his friend before that he was also in bus boycott with Rosa Parks in 1955 when was 25 after that he went to church to be a pastor so he became a brown people church pastor and priest but he was beloved also he was hated people tried to kill him many times but he he was rosa parks neighbor and best friends so after that he became a civil right activist on 1956 December and I think that he still is a priest for the 2015