Western Frontier Assessment

By Thomas Galambos

Level 3 Essay: How the American-Indian War has Affected the Cost of Enlarging a Nation Overridden by the Value of Human Life?

The American-Indian War was affected by the cost of enlarging a nation overridden by the value of human life. The Americans wanted to move west to gain as much land possible to become a greater and stronger nation. They were pushing the Native Americans out of their land and putting them in reservations which caused them to become very angry. This caused a spike and lead to the American-Indian War in the late 1800's.

The Americans wanted to enlarge the nation which was overridden by the value of human life. The value of human life was overridden by enlarging the nation because the whites didn't care about the Indians and just wanted their land to lay down railroads and to mine for gold and other resources. The Native Americans were treated poorly by the whites and were pushed out of the land that they were in first. They were put in reservations and were to do what they were told. This was very unfair to the Native Americans and they made them study the white culture and their way of life.

The American-Indians war caused mainly because they were angry and wanted there land to live their normal life. The Indians lives were overruled by the whites because of this. This was very unfair and they killed one of the best chiefs (Sitting Bull) of all time and said there are no chief's here. The Indians hated the whites and continued to fight the war. The war was not very major but continued till late 1924.

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