Forillon National park

Quebec,Canada Brayden 6-3

Physical Features , Wildlife , and Vegetation/plants

In the wild life there is Seals , Whales , Black bears , Moose , Fish , and Beavers. Now in the physical features are Forests , Sea coast , Salt marshes , Sand dunes , Cliffs , and Eastern End of the Appalachians. Also now for the Vegetation/plants Red oak trees , the Flora which is a bright pink flower , and an ocean right next to the park.

Tourist doing special things there

The people go walk around over by the ocean and people start to fish or people start to hunt whales also called whale hunters. Also there is Scuba diving and Snorkeling , Beach activities , Hiking up hills near the park , Cross-Country Skiing , Cycling , Horseback riding , Picnicking , and also camping at Campgrounds.

Forillon Natioal park , Canada


When they are Scuba diving they can not go that far down in the water because if you can not see you might run into one of the sea animals. Also about hiking you have to follow the trail by the park and its hard to do because there are big lumps like you will walk up then you would have to walk back down.


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