John Soule

Newsletter- First Edition (May 2016)

First of all, thank you!

It’s so nice to be writing to you for the first time as John Soule.

What has been happening with my new single and upcoming new cd has been shocking me. Surprise after surprise, I get feedback that I’m touching people’s lives; that I’m touching people’s souls.

First, let me give you a free download to my rendition and rerelease of “My Funny Valentine”
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This song will be in my upcoming CD, "Soule Evolution" -- due out this summer!
I was very excited when I announced my first single would be "Collide."
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While You're there, also check out my first interview at RTA Filmworks about my upcoming album!

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Watch the Interview

Click here to watch.

I really can't wait to drop this new album.

You can download the current single now!

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Download "Collide"


Download "Collide"

What's next?

First of all, I promise I won't fill your inbox with spam :)

Also, I'm getting ready for my first performance EVER of "Collide," which will be taped for your enjoyment this May!

I'm also currently having discussions and meetings about my second single and its music video! Big things coming up this year. In 2016, I want to take you on this journey of how I experienced a "Soule Evolution." Look for my next edition!

I love you all!