King Philip's crown for sell !!!

By: lizeth Bernal

I am selling King Philips crown in its best condition. It will be worth 300 dollars. It is very very valuable to a lot of people. I can do another offer but it has to be reasonable. This crown was worn by King Philip himself and Alexander the great. It is very light weight and it comes in its own box. The leaves look very real. This crown is the real deal. It is made of real gold which is vey valuable. This makes you look very good and it fits all sizes. It also is for any gender. It is a part of the Philip's family. Also it has just a couple of tiny flaws but they are not noticeable. It also has little acorns attached to it, which makes It look very real. The whole thing is made out of gold. Duh, because it is for a king. In the back of the crown, it has no leaves or acorns because its for the back of your head. No one will be looking at the back of your head. This is a great collection and is very valuable. To remind you it is 300. Contact me at 200-567-9876. Thank you!
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