Early Learning News

May, 2016

Early Learning Experts Needed!

This fall, there will be a two-day conference provided for local businesses, child care providers, and others interested in early learning. Currently, those sponsoring this event are seeking ideas for break-out sessions. If you are interested in facilitating a session, please send me an e-mail.

Friday, the conference will be targeted to local businesses, and Saturday's sessions will be directed towards child care providers, early learning educators, facility directors, etc.

All For One, One For All: Investing in Our Future

Friday, Sep. 30th, 8:30am to Saturday, Oct. 1st, 4pm

11400 Robinwood Drive

Hagerstown, MD

Registration Coming Soon!

May Madness

Often May brings some behaviors that can be quite challenging. Below is a Kid President clip that may be a great reminder to your little ones. (It's a great reminder to us adults as well!)
Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Pre-K Attendance

I have been assessing our Pre-K attendance rates, and the numbers are a bit disturbing. As a result of this data, I will be drafting a letter/infogram for all incoming Pre-K families regarding the importance of attendance in preparation for their child's school readiness. I will have that document prepared for you to distribute at any open house events this summer.

Begin thinking of incentives to encourage strong attendance for next year! It will certainly be one of my own professional goals.

Math Interactive Teaching Web Apps

Check out the link below! Beth and Mary Ann shared this resource recently at a PD for our parochial school partners. There are absolutely some wonderful teacher resources here!

Also note that in Common Core Math, counting money does not occur until 2nd Grade!!! So, when counting and sorting utilize coins as manipulatives as a way to introduce math vocabulary and coin recognition. Check out the money app and the cool things you can do with it! You can utilize these "apps" directly from your laptop/desktop/ipad. They do not need to be downloaded as individual apps as they come in a web-based format.

Professional Development