Online Overload

Are increasing amounts of technology usage harming us?

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

Increasing amounts of technology can have harmful affects. Many people can be come distracted or addicted by technology. Modern technology still has unknown affects on people during prolonged exposure. These new inventions are causing injuries, panic, and preventing new inventions from being created.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?

Yes, I believe that digital distractions are an increasing problem for students. Not only are they harming creativity, but putting many students at risk for injury. For example, 58% of pedestrian deaths are kids under 19. Many of these deaths are due to digital distractions. Another 1 in 3 people also cross busy streets while using their phones. The reason technology has become so dangerous is because it's addicting. This makes it hard for students to study or get enough sleep. The constant notifications distract the brain and make it hard to concentrate. The ever-changing digital age is a big issue for learners.

How will this article change my technology usage?

After learning more about the harm technology can do, I will stop listening to music or using my phone when crossing the road. I will avoid using my phone when doing homework or before bed. I also plan to cut down on my overall digital usage.
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