The Digestive Theme Park

Ride The New Big Chew


Come to the new digestive theme park. Here you learn about the digestive system. Friends and family can come and have fun and learn about digestive things. Ride our newest ride is called the big chew.

The beginning of our new ride ''The Big Chew'' starts with the mechanical digestion which is your teeth chewing up the food then going down into the mouth, then you past the epiglottis and down the esophagus. You go into your stomach/small intestines passing your liver and gallbladder. All the chemical digestion begins when it all go in the stomach part of the ride. Hydrochloric Acid is also in your stomach to burn all the all the bad bacteria in you food that you eat. Enzymes (saliva) also help the chemical digestion process. Then you go into your large intestines then into your rectum. Then soon you go out the anus and the ride is over. The Big Chew is a ride that explains your digestive system and how it works but in a fun, NOT BORING way.