Liberal party.

The leader for the Liberal party is Justin Trudeau

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Liberals will help students that are from lower or middle class households with their education. And make sure that debt loads aren't difficult to afford

Health Care

"We will make home care more available, prescription drugs more affordable, and mental health care more accessible." -Liberal party

In the next four years the Liberals say they will invest in about 3 million for more efficient home care service. They also claim that they will have a better mental health service for those who need it.


Will analysis green house gas emissions..

Full partnership and review of laws, policies, and operational practices with first nations , metis, inuit people. And to protect Canada's endangered species

Crime / justice

They didn't say much on these two topics besides that they are looking to make punishments more longer/harsher. They are changing some rules around different crimes

National Defense

For the past couple of years the government has failed to keep the nation defense under control. Since there was a budget cut the equipment wasn't falling into our troops hands. Justin wants to change that and make sure that everything becomes under control. He also added "We will fix the broken procurement system to ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces gets the right equipment to carry out the missions that they are likely to undertake, at the right price for taxpayers, while delivering important industrial regional benefits to provide good jobs for Canadians across the country."

job opportunities for youth

Liberals want to make sure that youth get into the job force and find a job. It's really hard now a days for young people to find jobs. Most stop putting the effort into looking because of how difficult it is. They said that they want too "40,000 good youth jobs – including 5,000 youth green jobs – each year for the next three years, by investing $300 million more in the renewed Youth Employment Strategy." Hopefully more youth will be able to experience working in the work force soon.

How many seats have Liberals won?

The liberals have won 184 seats

How many seats do the liberals have

They have 338 seats in the House of Commons