Texas Revolution

By Christian, Ben K, Ben, Tyler, and Angelina


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Time Line

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George Childress

He wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence and brought troops from Tennessee to fight for Texas to get independence and he went to the U.S. to have Texas recognized as a republic. He did it in 1835 to 1836 when it ended. Tennessee, Texas and the U.S. Congress is where he did everything. He did it because his uncle had a colony there and lived there.

James Fannin

He moved to Texas and made request to the U.S. that they send leaders to Texas he joined the Texas Army and was in several battles like the battle of Gonzales and in one he got surrounded captured and killed by Santa Anna. He fought from 1835 to 1836 when he was killed by Santa Anna after being captured. He did it because he lived in Texas had a lot of land and connections to help Texas

Samual Houston

He was named commanding general of the revolution army and helped declare Texas it’s own republic. He was given command back to him and led Texas into a great victory against Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto. From 1832 to 1861 is when he was working for Texas. The battle of San Jacinto and the Government of Texas and he did it because he was named Commanding General of the Revolution Army.

Santa Anna

He was the President of Mexico at the time and when the Texas Revolution started Mexican troops to fight and in 1836 he was captured by Sam Houston’s Army and was sent to the U.S. Government in Washington and they sent him back to Mexico where he retired for a while. He did it in 1835 to 1836 where he sent troops to fight against Texans. He did it in Mexico and Texas while fighting them to because he wanted to keep Texas part Mexico.

Juan Seguin

He responded to the Federalist state governor’s call for support against the Centralist then he raised an army and joined a whole bunch of battles and the Alamo where he was the messenger and told Sam Houston and was part of the ambush on Santa Anna. He did it from 1835 to 1840 because he joined the Texas Army and became a senate. He did it because he was a native to Texas.

William B Travis

He was a lieutenant in the Texas army then fought at the Alamo and died. He fought for the Texas army from June 29th, 1835 to March 6th, 1836. He is known for the Alamo. He did it because he strongly disliked the Mexican Rule.

Davy Crockett

He came and participated in the Texas Revolution signed the Texas Declaration of independence and died in the Alamo. He was in Texas in 1836 and died in the same year in the Alamo. He fought in the Alamo for Texas against Mexican Soldiers. He did it because he moved to Texas and he was a good soldier so he joined the war to get independence.