The Enlightenment period

Naydelin loredo and Claudia Chavez

The Enlightnment began

The Enlightenment took place during the 1700s. Enlightenment philosophers used reason and logic, much as scientists were doing. These thinkers, however, studied human nature and suggested ways to improve their world. Some Enlightnemt thinkers believed that there was social contract between government and citizens. With this contract, rulers needed the contrast of the governed. Philosophers such as John Locke believed that people had natrual rights such as equality and Liberty. Eventually the ideas of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment began to influence some colonial leaders.

The Enlightenment started

How it started

Galileo galilee was one of the leading figures in the scientific revolution. He demonstrated that the planets revolve around the sun. In the late 1600s sir Isaac Newton explained how objects on Earth and in the sky behaved. These ideas can be used to predict other behaviors or events. Scientists then test their theories as they learn new facts. The enlightment revolution also began changing the way people viewed human actions. This change in thought is often called the Age of Reason, or the Enlightment.