Expanded Access

with Patron Barcode Stickers! New @ Your Library!

What's that sticker?

When you received your school ID recently, you may have noticed a sticker on the back. And you may have asked yourself:

Why do I need another barcode, when there's one on the front?

The sticker on the back of your ID is your Library Card Number, and it's for accessing Prescott Library resources both ON and OFF campus.

Here's what your Library Card Number helps you access:

Books & Movies!

Don't see a librarian to help you check-out a book or movie? Use our Self Check-Out Kiosk! Enter your Library Card Number into the iPad on the Circulation Desk to find your account. Then add the barcode of the borrowed item, stamp the due date & go!

eBooks & Audiobooks!

Perhaps you haven't used Overdrive, our online resource for eBooks and Audiobooks because you didn't know your Library Card Number. Now you'll always have it handy, which means access to books on your smart phone, tablet, computer or eReader.

Subscription Databases

We know some of you LOVE entering a username and password to access History Study Center, EBSCOHost, and Science online, but we're phasing that out, and moving to a Library Card Number log-in model. Good thing it's on the back of your ID!

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact the Library!

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