What Makes a Good Digital Citizen

And How do I become one?

What is Cyber Bullying?

Before you know how to be a good cyber citizen, you firstly need to know what cyber bullying is. Cyber bullying is a serious thing, which needs to be stopped. It can happen to anybody, and no one is safe from it. Cyber bullying is where you receive abuse via social networks such as : Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Ask.fm, Instagram, KIk, Texting, and others. There is billions of cases of cyber bullying, some leading to suicide or self harm.

Facts we Know about our Peers in Raroa

Before you know how to become a good digital citizen, we think that it is good to know about how social Raroa is. So are some facts about our friends at Raroa.

  • All of my friends have either phones or social networking accounts
  • Around 90% of my friends have Facebook Pages
  • Around 95% of my friends have Instagram accounts
  • Around 80% of my friends have cell phones

How do I Keep Myself Safe on the Internet?

You should follow the digital laws. These are laws that the government have made, to keep people safe on the internet. Even though this laws have not worked in some cases, they are still good general guide lines. These include:

  • Buy your music, whether by CD or iTunes. Don't use Limewire, Kazaa or U-Torrent

  • Never post inappropriate pictures on the Internet.

  • Don't pirate or download movies illegally.

  • Only open emails where you know from whom it is coming from.

  • Don't let out any personal information to strangers on the internet.

  • Have back-up plans to protect your laptop or computer from viruses/worms

How do I Keep Others Safe?

You can keep others safe by doing lots of different things. You can inform them about fake people, and you can tell them how to back off. You can tell them to not be passive, that cyber bullying won’t magically go away if you just ignore it.

What do I do when I Know of a cyber bully?

Tell a responsible adult about what the person is doing. You could also tell a your parents. The bully won't stop if nobody knows that they are cyber bullying. The bully shouldn’t being doing what they are doing, and should be stopped.

What should I do to prevent Cyber Bullying?

You should make sure all of your friends and family are aware of the flaws of the social networks, so they know what could happen to them.

What are the qualities of a G.D.C?

A good digital citizen is someone that looks after their digital peers. Someone who puts in a lot of effort to help prevent cyber bullying. A peer who stays safe online, and is only on things that he knows are ok. People who look out for everyone socially.

Advice We would give to a Cyber Bully Victim at Raroa

There are a lot of people that can help you with this issue. Mr Atera is a good choice, same with your class room teacher. Your class mates should be able to help, whether it is telling somebody for you, or having a "talk" with the bully. After all, that is what friends are for. The school will not put up with any shape or form of bullying, so they can and will deal with cyber bullying if they know it is happening.

Amanda Todd's story (sub español)

Advice we would give to a victim of being Cyber Bullied such as Amanda Todd

Don't ignore the bullying, even though it's bad, it will only get worse if you ignore it because the bully/bullies think your an easy target who can't stand up for themselves. Being passive ain't good, you need to take action cause the bullying won't magically disappear like a lost toy in the closet.

Being willing to talk to somebody you trust about what is happening and how this is making you feel\act. Counselling is another option, and it takes a tougher person to stand up and say "I need help" or "this is bad, people need to know before it gets extreme".

By Jack. H and Sam